Hooray! Gear for Girls, Girls, Girls!

As we progress into the future the beard laden face of the traditional biker is a changin’. Don’t get me wrong, female bikers have always been around. It just seems that the sport/lifestyle, whatever you want to call it is getting more popular with our female compatriots; which we are excited about and love! We have the utmost respect for anyone who picks up two wheels and a motor and starts on down the road. It is nice to see the motorcycle industry getting more diverse with many different types of people riding these days. I think it is partially due to the constant reinvention of the 2 wheeled motor vehicle itself.

A long time ago there were just motorcycles, that’s it…plain and simple motor driven bikes to get you around town or the dirt roads throughout the undeveloped countryside. Now we have many different subsects of the species including but not limited to sportbikes, cruisers, adventure bikes, mopeds, groms, dirt bikes and on an on. Each one of these is just a large category to a host of subcategories of uniquely styled motorbikes. So now, the style factor kicks in. With so many styles to choose from, now people can pick a ‘look’ that suites their personality, or use a motorcycle’s looks to create and emphasize the persona or attitude they wish to portray.

We all have heard that ‘variety is the spice of life’. Well, you can see now in 2017 how variety is also the, ‘spice’ of the motorcycle industry. It is what keeps things fresh and interesting so the idea of riding a motorcycle is more attainable to all different types of potential riders. It’s what keeps manufacturers and brands on their toes. Ducati and Harley Davidson are now designing more different styles of bikes to make a better impression and impact on this new breed of biker. Lifestyle brands are popping up out of the woodwork to cater to every different type of rider. This is one industry, where you always want to keep on ‘recreating the wheel’.

Now, many different types of people can now see themselves as bikers. You don’t need a beard and black leather chaps. You just need b*$!s or a p$#@y of steel and a yearning for freedom and the open road!

We are proud to be a motorcycle gear company that does not discriminate. So we came up with the slogan “For All Riders. All Riding Season.”

I say, this world needs more women riders! So help spread the word, and keep on creating motorcycle gear not not only for men, but for women’s specific riding needs as well.

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